Thinking of re-homing your German Shepherd dog?

Dog behaviour

Re-homing a dog should be a last resort. It is much better if a dog can remain in its familiar home with people who love him/her. We are asked to re-home many dogs simply because of behavioural issues that are driving owners to distraction! Many of the volunteers who work with GSD Rescue UK are highly experienced in dealing with all manner of dog problems, and have a deep insight into working with the unique character of the breed. If you are finding it difficult to cope with your GSD, we can put you in touch with someone who may be able to help. For more details, please call one of the numbers below:


German Shepherds often go through phases, particularly when maturing, when their behaviour is less than acceptable - rather like kids when they are growing up. Advice from people experienced with the breed with a few simple changes can make huge differences in the way that your dog behaves.

If you are really struggling to cope, we can recommend a trained behaviourist who can help you on a one to one basis to overcome problems with you badly behaved dog.

If you really do need to rehome your dog, please fill out a DOG ASSESSMENT FORM

Please fill out assessment form before telephoning the rescue

Rescue number: 01568 797957

Please help us by making a donation so that we can help re home more unwanted German Shepherd Dogs. Donations can be sent to Jayne Shenstone, German Shepherd Rescue, Little Vauld, Marden Hereford HR1 3HA. We also accept Paypal payments - just click on the Paypal button below. Thank you.

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